What’s in a forged signature?

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June 7, 2018
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July 22, 2019

“My word is my bond” the motto of the London Stock Exchange. But what about your signature. I’m sure you would agree that your signature is your bond and likewise you would hopefully trust that of others.

But what if your signature was forged, is that still your ‘bond’ and should you take responsibility for it. I’m sure you would say ‘No’. What if your signature was a simple, easy to forge letter ‘X’ should you take responsibility for that?

As an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation, AoFA Qualifications holds the responsibility to ensure the validity of any qualification which it awards. This in basic terms means having robust governance and systems in place.

We recently carried out an investigation into a fraudulently claimed certificate which was issued to a Learner who hadn’t even attended the course! Our first step was to check the assessment; who did it, who signed it off etc. This was easy, culprit found, done and dusted.

But investigations are never that easy and we would always investigate to seek underlying causes, responsibilities and improvements.

AoFAQ or any other Awarding Organisation places a high degree of ownership and responsibility on the Centre to ensure the quality of their courses and qualifications. Where we find malpractice, and this was definitely a case of malpractice, Ofqual require us to notify all other Awarding Organisations. What does this mean? Not only is the training centre named (and shamed) but also the persons implicit in the malpractice. This inherently means a life changing end to their career and possibly even a criminal record.

This case of malpractice was different in that the signature was just a small initial and readily forged. Needless to say the signature holder denied signing it. Which is what this article is about. Your signature holds responsibility and that responsibility could be life changing for you.

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