New AoFAQ Emergency First Aid at Work qualification changes from a Level 2 to a Level 3

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June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018

Form the 1st October the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification changes from a Level 2 to a Level 3. These changes more closely reflects the activities and responsibilities of the First Aider and falls in line with the First Aid at Work and Paediatrics First Aid qualifications.

New, FREE support materials* are available including PowerPoint, Scheme of Work, Qualification Specification etc. these are downloadable from the Training Manager (see Misc > Downloads). New exam papers must also be requested.

DON’T PANIC: If you have already registered your course, you can carry on training the Level 2. New courses must be at Level 3.

Overall, as a trainer you will find that the changes are readily implemented. The AoFAQ Qualification Specification indicates the Learning Outcomes (LOs) and the Assessment Criteria (ACs) remain basically the same as the Level 2. The main difference is that more emphasis is given to certain subject areas than before. The following highlights some of the terms in the LOs and ACs which should assist you in their interpretation:

Role and Responsibilities: may include reference to: preventing cross infection; the need for recording incidents and actions; safe use of available equipment; assessing an incident; summoning assistance; prioritising treatment; dealing with post incident stress.
Others may include: Casualty receiving first aid; work colleagues; other people within the workplace environment.
Consent: Learners should be aware of the need for consent on a continual basis when providing first aid. Implied consent can be assumed when treating an unresponsive casualty.
When necessary: Learners should be able to evaluate a situation to determine when to summon further assistance and what type of assistance to request.
When to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation: must include agonal gasps and seizure-like episodes.
CPR must include: ‘correct placement of AED pads’ and ‘follows AED instructions’.
Recovery Position: a position that maintains a stable open draining airway.
Administer first aid: Provide appropriate help to a casualty, manage the situation and seek appropriate assistance when necessary.
Seizure: relates to a generalised seizure. First aiders should be suspicious of cardiac arrest in any casualty presenting with seizure.
Shock: hypovolaemic shock (resulting from blood loss)

Note: First Aiders currently holding a valid Level 2 EFAW qualification do not require requalification to the Level 3 EFAW until their existing qualification expires.

*All support materials are the copyright of AoFA Qualifications and are for exclusive use with AoFAQ qualifications only. Paid for versions are available for non AoFAQ qualifications which are available on request.

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