AOFAQ Launches Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor

New Launch of AoFAQ Level 4 Certificate in Emergency Response Driving (RQF)
June 7, 2018
Expanding Educational Qualifications
June 7, 2018

Security Professionals and First Aid.

Whether it is an assault, a drug overdose or an unfortunate accident, there are many instances where Security Professionals are required to act to preserve the health of an individual.

This is why AoFAQ, alongside security industry professionals have launched a new series of license-linked security qualifications.

The Door Supervisor is a prime example of these qualifications in action. When violence breaks out in a nightclub the Door Supervisors are the first on scene. The Door Supervisor must act fast to get the situation under control and ensure the safety of the people at the scene. An understanding of First Aid techniques enhances the performance of the Door Supervisor and improves the outcome for any individual who finds they require urgent medical attention.

While in some cases the enhanced knowledge of First Aid held by Security Professionals may remove the need for emergency services being dispatched altogether, it enables a smoother handover when they are called upon. Security Professionals capable in First Aid will be able to take immediate action to preserve life, identify symptoms, brief the emergency services, and facilitate an efficient handover to paramedics.

A competent briefing and handover to the emergency services ensures that precious time is not wasted. Crucially, this prevents resources being unnecessarily deployed to emergencies complicated by a lack of First Aid knowledge.

This is why SIAQ (Security Qualifications arm) of AOFAQ, who are regulated by the Security Industry Authority and Ofqual – the government body that regulated qualifications are optimally placed to launch these licence-linked qualifications.

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